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Changing Communities

Sarah is a catalyst for change and proverbial problem solver. She has a diverse perspective, fierce commitment to collaboration, courageous leadership style, complex understanding of the human mind, and a growing collection of both proverbial and vintage hats.

Sarah "Main Street" O'Brien at the International Placemaking Conference in a vintage hat

"We all need each other."

Collaboration. Inspiration. Cultivation. Engagement

An image of a letter Grandpa O'Brien wrote to Sarah signed W.A.N.E.O



(How Paul Warren O'Brien signed every letter he ever wrote his granddaughter)

Sarah O'Brien leading a board retreat in Gonzales Texas

Imagine the Possibilities

With Sarah O’Brien’s extensive knowledge and winning approach to projects of all shapes and sizes, you’re just steps away from getting a creative, reliable partner to get you to the next successful level.

"We have a strategic plan, it's called doing things."
Herb Kelleher

Sarah Main Strreet on the Road
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